Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ramadan with Prince Alwaleed bin-Talal

(All photographs by TIME photographer Franco Pagetti)

If you don't know who Prince Alwaleed is, check it out on wikipedia. He is currently worth an estimated USD$21 billion.
The Prince prepares to hold a feast to break fast for 350 Saudi men at his lavish Camp Rumah.
After the feast...the men line up. Guess why?

The guests will present the Prince with their requests for money and favor. Most of the guests will make their requests in the Prince won't forget i guess *grins*.

It is said that the Prince will grant every person at a least a portion of their request.

An aide gathers all the requests in a briefcase where they will be reviewed by his staff later. It is estimated that the Prince will spend USD$1.5 million after the requests are reviewed.
Anyone in Malaysia doing this? Heheh...


Johnny Ong said...

he's rich and willing to share / help others and personally too

Ted said...

Yes he is. Very respectable indeed.