Monday, October 6, 2008

Back from the dead

It has been a long while since I've watched Liverpool play any EPL matches. Normally whenever I watch their matches, it always seem that they will do badly. Anyway I decided to stop by a mamak last night and watch their game.

When I sat down, Liverpool conceded a goal to Manchester City. When my roti telur (dua keping) arrived, they let in another goal. At half time Liverpool were trailing Manchester City by 2 goals. So far it seems my theory of causing bad luck to my own team is holding true.

I thought of going home...but decided against it. In the second half, Liverpool fought back with all they've got and stole a win with Torres netting 2 goals and Kuyt scoring in injury time, thanks in part to a red card given to a Man City player.

Kuyt after scoring the winning goal in stoppage time.

For those of you with a weak heart, it is strongly advised that you do not become a Liverpool fan. Go for a 'safe' Chelsea or Man Utd. However if you choose to be one, then never watch their matches. Liverpool always have the tendency to take their fans for an emotional rollercoaster. For example the Champions League final in Istanbul where they conceded 3 goals in the first half and then in a space of 6 minutes during the second half, equalised and then went on to win through penalties.

The season after that, in the FA Cup final against West Ham (I remember watching this at the Section 17 mamak in Petaling Jaya) where they went down by 2 goals intially. At the end of 90 mins they were still trailing 3-2 when they equalised through Steven Gerrard and then went on to win the FA Cup.

So will they be able to finally win the league this season? The answer is sadly no. Liverpool for all their courage and determination sometimes play football like they're in premenstrual mode. They were crap against Man City in the first half but brilliant in the second. Unless they can play consistently week in week out...don't even dream about it. I hope they prove me wrong though.


Johnny Ong said...

yr last para makes more sense hehehe

Ted said...

Err...and my other paras made no sense at all?

Johnny Ong said...

try asking anor man u fan haha