Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY 2010

When people ask me where I am from, I will often hesitate before I reply. Should I say I'm from Rawang, my place of birth? I've never spent much time there though...Or Brunei, where I spent most of my early life? Then people will answer, 'Oh so you're Bruneian then?' which I am not. Or Penang, where a huge number of my relatives are? ...but I'm not familiar with Penang. More often than not, I will say I am from Petaling Jaya and although that's not technically true, it does save me a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Despite all the geographical confusion, there is one place that is always a constant - and that is I've spent all my Chinese New Years (those in my living memory) in Penang. And this year is no exception.

Double Prosperity 'Special'..Heheh. Top one's chicken, bottom beef

Air con rationing at Tune want more? Pay lor

Up Penang Hill

Bloody hot weather this year! No clouds in sight
The bronze Kuan Yin at Kek Lok Si temple, which unfortunately was closed on that day

Elaborate wall carvings at Kek Lok Si

Pumpkins! Lots of pruning work required to make it look like this

A flower at the Kek Lok Si

Misai Kucing, at a different temple though

The famous Air Itam laksa stall

It looks messy but it tastes good

Heheh... A cousin who supports Man U didn't finish his nasi lemak when he found out it was called Nasi Lemak Liverpool

Chestnuts from the Chowrasta Market

Nothing welcomes you into 'Uncle-hood' better than saying 'Here's your ang pow' as opposed to 'Where's my ang pow?'