Thursday, October 15, 2009

Forsaken Ones

Customer : Do you have any creams that can make me grow a beard or a moustache at least?

I looked upon the customer with the boyish looks devoid of any ruggedness in his face and I instantly empathised with him... Some people are just blessed with such good facial hair and some of us seem to have pissed off the God of Facial Hair at some point in our lives. After my encounter with this particular customer, I told my wife that I'm trying to grow a goatee. She didn't even bat an eyelid and went back to whatever she was doing. Fast forward 2 weeks and the grass in the garden is outgrowing the hair on my chin. There are a few stubbles, but nothing remotely close to what Johnny Depp has on his chin.

Its honestly depressing. There is something about having a well groomed goatee or moustache that kind of adds to your character. You can shave it clean and then you have your boyish looks back. Its an option thats nice to have. Then again there are some people who are pushing the definition of 'well groomed' this fella here.

There are some who recommend taking testosterone and many internet searches will tell you to use testosterone cream (which is not available here) but having a higher level of testosterone doesn't guarantee that the hair will grow on your face specifically. It could be an Amazon in some places and still a Sahara in others...if you know what I mean.

Some also mention that facial hair may come later in life, something that I am really hoping for. I may just be a late bloomer after all you know...heheh. Hopefully...