Sunday, August 17, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

Usain Bolt winning the gold and breaking the world record for the 100m

BEIJING — Usain Bolt celebrated his coronation as the world’s fastest man 20 meters early, throwing out his arms and thumping his chest. But he still obliterated the world record in the 100 meters Saturday night, turning his Olympic gold medal performance into a show of astounding talent. (LINK)

So how did the fastest man in the world prepare for his race?

"I woke up at 11, then I had lunch," Bolt says. "Some nuggets," he says. Yes, the greasy McDonald's kind. "And then I pretty much went back to my room, and slept again, for like two hours. Then I went back, got some more nuggets." It's the breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions. (LINK)

You've heard it from the man himself...
1) Wake up late.
2) Eat junk food.
3) Take more naps.
4) Eat more junk food.

I'm going to be a champion starting from today.


Johnny Ong said...

that bolt fella was too fast till he has too much time at the end to open wide his arms and thump his chest ......

drawing more controversy comments in that blog post of mine abt medal standing

Ted said...

Bolt's got a good 'workout' routine :)

I saw the medal tally from the website and I thought it was very weird. Wanted to blog about it but you've already beaten me to

It is absurd lah, if a country can really win 604 silver and bronze and still can be considered as number 1 even though they have not won a single gold.

pharmalogik said...

i didnt realised i am a champion all this time...

Ted said...

Yes we are all champions! It jus takes some time for us to realise that... I think I wan to claim RM1 mil from the gomen liao in that case.