Wednesday, July 30, 2008

3 Bound Mice

When it comes to catching rats, I've always had the best results with rat glue. There are lots of restaurants near to my work place and they like to pop by make a mess whenever they have the time.

Recently the rats weren't falling for the trap. Before this it always had a 100% success rate. So were the rats getting smarter? After 3 tries of failure, we re-evaluated the situation. Everything that we have set from Day 1 were all constant except for the food. So one of my staff suggested that the food was not enticing enough. That made sense...since the bait used for the trap has always been leftovers from my dinners. We've always used cha kuey teow before this but I've been on a bit of a healthy eating plan lately. The low fat tuna chunks probably weren't that inviting.

Having agreed on a new strategy, we tried again with toppings from a pizza and man did it work.

Heheh...I guess this makes up for the past 3 failures.


Johnny Ong said...

next question, how did u kill them?

Ted said...

Simple. Marinate with oyster sauce for a couple of hours then put on a bbq and smear some honey and butter on it.

Johnny Ong said...

WOW, exactly what i wld have done.