Friday, July 4, 2008

Belakang Mari

Tempted as I may be, I will not blog about the sensational news that has blown itself up the DPM's backside. Yes, it was shocking news...but I was more shocked by something else yesterday.

On Tuesday, I received a mail from LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri...or the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia) stating that I had a tax refund of RM140. How I happened to overpay I have no idea. I calculated my taxes properly on a hard copy of the form first before proceeding to the E-Filling and both figures are exactly the same. In E-Filling, you just pop in the numbers and they will calculate for you the balance you have to pay...if any.

It also said that a cheque will be sent within 14 days. Having heard from many people who have not received their tax refunds for many years, I didn't think my case will be any different. RM140, that's almost 2 tanks of petrol... (Gulps)

I was wrong!
Last night I received another letter from LHDN with a cheque! Wow!

It was unbelievable... I will give credit where credit is due. I'm impressed. Maybe its because I did E-Filling and they were able to process it faster.

Hmm, maybe I should under-pay my taxes from now on? Save them the hassle of sending me all these letters. I'm a concerned citizen too you know...


Johnny Ong said...

i beat u on the amount. i had a cheque of rm8++. overpaid soooooooooooo much

Ted said...


How did u manage to do that? That's like amost 10tanks of petrol!

Johnny Ong said...

the overpayment is over a few years actually.