Monday, June 30, 2008

The Rain in Spain

Michel Platini (L): Your team sucked out there Ballack!

Ballack (R): I can't believe Platini said my team sucked today!
Merkel (German Chancellor): There there, don't have to cry.
Ballack: (Sobs)
Merkel: You all really did suck you know...

Its been a long while since I've watched any football here in Sabah. Man, how I missed the atmosphere during important football matches at mamaks in KL/PJ...

I guess a small tv is better than nothing.


Gilbert Wong said...

Bugger.. how could germany lose.. sigh... :(

Ted said...

Sorry gilbert... but seriously Germany were no match for Spain. They were solid in the beginning but outclassed all the way. Spain could have won by at least 3-0. I'm neutral by the way :)