Monday, March 10, 2008

Post Election : What now Malaysia?

What a great weekend! For the first time in history the opposition stood united to deny the ruling coalition a 2/3 majority in parliament. I was stuck at my shop from 9am to 10pm on that fateful Saturday working the day away...but thanks to the internet I was able to keep myself up to date.

At around 10, I closed shop and went home. There were very encouraging news so far but all unofficial - Penang had fallen to the opposition! As I reached home I saw my landlady listening to updates on the TV, but after half an hour, there were hardly any news on the opposition gaining ground. I celebrated with a glass of scotch and hoped for the best.


The rest is history I guess. To the ruling coalition - all that we've ever wanted from you was good governance. Not monkeys in parliaments making sexist 'bocor' remarks. Not ministers who are more suited to be gangsters (bye bye Semi...we won't miss you). Not unresolved scandals after scandals that has made Malaysia a laughing stock. Get that into your heads - GOOD GOVERNANCE! You've shot yourself in the foot in Seputeh and Kinrara, where sexist remarks were made against Teresa Kok. To make matters worse, your PM insulted and blackmailed the chinese community on the day before the elections (HERE). I mean really...I thought the PM condemned playing the racial card. Seems that the rule does not apply to himself.

To the opposition, I congratulate you on having stoood united and wrestling an additional 4 states from the ruling party. However, it is a shame that this unity cannot be carried over to Sabah and Sarawak where there were many 3 cornered fights. It remains to be seen how you can get your act together and govern effectively, and I'm hoping for the best. Winning your seats is not an end in itself, its just the start of a long journey for all of you. Learn from the mistakes of the ruling coalition, or all of you will have nothing to show for at the end of your 5 year tenure.

There was never a need to give any political party a 2/3 majority in the first place. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. In any instance, the first 100 days of any administration is always a litmus test as it will set the tone for the rest of the administration. Let's wait and see prayerfully.

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