Monday, March 24, 2008


These are a few of my favorite questions that I've been asked so far in the pharmacy.

1) Do you have any pills to make me run faster?

Hmm... I don't have anabolic steroids but even if he does take them it doesn't guarantee him doing 100m under 10 seconds.

2) Do you have any pills that will make more tears?

People who have Dry Eyes Syndrome (DES or Keratoconjunctivitis sicca) have to resort to artificial tears to keep their eyes 'lubricated', but the problem is when they forget to bring the eye drops. So this customer was just wondering if there is a pill she can take to overcome this problem.

I found out from this exchange that customers do not appreciate a pharmacist with a sense of humor. She gave me a weird look when I told her to try putting some chili in her handbag or something... good thing I didn't tell her to think of a very sad moment in her life.

3) I'm rushing to finish my assignment and have not slept for 3 days. Do you have anything for me?

Yea... better time management.

4) My 5 year old son has just shaved his head and he doesn't like the look. Any supplements to make the hair grow back instantly?

No kidding...

And my favorite one so far...

5) Customer: Hi there, do you have any pills for fever and diarrhea?
Me: Yea, this one here is for the fever. As for the diarrhea, take this o...
Customer (interrupts) : Oh no no, I just want 1 pill for both fever and diarrhea. I don't want 2.
Me: Uh...there isn..
Customer (interrupting again) : Ok never mind!

Wow. Talk about being random. That's like walking into IKEA and asking the salesman, "Hi do you have a frying pan and a toilet plunger?"

IKEA man : "Well yes, our frying pan is in the kitchen department upstairs and the toilet plunger is..."

"No no no, I wan't them both together. Toilet plunger and frying pan, 2 in 1. Don't have? Oh never mind!"


Then again, don't hesitate to ask your pharmacist if you're not sure of anything. There isn't any question that is too stupid to ask - funny maybe, but not stupid. Unless you're asking for free medicines ...


pharmalogik said...

haha..u can say: "Why dont u come back after 10 years? Maybe at that time someone genius would have invented it?

Ted said...

Genius - you?


Janvier said...

"Hi. We're taking this medication har, but we forgot the name already and got no more's a white colour round tablet. You got or not?"