Friday, September 7, 2007

MIFC: Team Global (Merdeka Day)

Ok as promised, here are the pics from Team Global. Having gained experienced from my virgin shots of fireworks the night before, I decided to 'apply' them. I got there late though and managed a couple of test shots from my locations.

Immediately after I shot this pic above, people were shouting 10, 9, 8.... So judging from the first shot I took during Team Japan's performance, it is too near. I quickly pulled back a bit and was rewarded for doing so in my next shot.

Just in time.

Overall, the performance was quite disappointing. I've heard people saying that its not worth going for Team Global's performance, but they do have the wind to their advantage compared to Team Japan. Probably because the performance was 7 mins long only too, so not much smoke generated.

Tried doing a vertical shot.

This is my favourite one though. It reminds me of rambutans.

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matt adcock said...

cool shots! I want to be shooting over that harbor city :) great location!