Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bena Arts Park???

I've been staying here in Kota Kinabalu for almost 6 months now and I must say I do enjoy the life here. Things here are different from KL/PJ. No kidding. When I drive around I do have time to look at my scenery and enjoy the view.

Yeah....that's when I noticed this.

Taman Seni Bena??? After consulting the sifu, Seni translates to Art in english and I'm pretty sure most of you will know that Taman means Park. So what about Bena? Hmm...the sifu has never heard of any BM meaning to the word and neither have I. However, the first thing that comes to my mind when I saw that sign was this...

Yea! Bena Expectorant for chesty coughs. Sorry about the blurry image, I got it off the XSP website and they only have a low res image. So that means Taman Seni Bena loosely translated to english would be...Bena Arts Park? The Art of Bena Park? Sounds like a very sick place to be no? A Taman filled with sick people with chesty coughs...Maybe the road was sponsored by the drug company itself?

In fact that's not a bad idea! Sometimes you know the roads in our Taman or vicinity is so poorly maintained you must wonder whether the Majlis Daerah has any $$$ or not (I'm sure they do lah)...but lets just say that they really are strapped for cash. Why not? I mean just rename the roads a bit, sign a contract... let the name of the road be chosen by the drug company.

Heheh...mali mali


pharmalogik said...

LOL.. it is free viagra there? HAHAHA...creative man!!!

Ted said... still young man mah, no need go there!

ws pang said...

wah... i want to visit TAMAN VIAGRA in KK

pharmalogik said...

i go there to collect free viagra and sell...haha