Thursday, August 23, 2007

Urine and Shit

Customer: Give me the pills for urine and shit.

Me: Uhhh...urine and shit?

Customer: Ya ya, one strip one. Painkiller...

Me: Did you say painkiller for urine and shit??

Customer: Yes.

Me: You remember the name of the medicine? The color maybe ...

Customer: I know its pink one for urine and know...for gout.

Me: Ooooh...URIC ACID! (Aiyo...everyone's a comedian in Sabah)

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Louis Pang said...

LOL! I was cracking up in front of my computer!

Ted said...

Wah...sifu is here. You should check out my Free Gift post as well...courtesy of Sabahans as well.Hahah

Ted said...