Tuesday, January 4, 2011


"There are rats on the roof."

"Are you sure? I thought that's the sound of water running through the pipes."

"They're rats."

Entrance to the roof
So says my wife. I think she must have x-ray vision because I wasn't really convinced that they were rats. Since the noises kept her awake at night, something had to be done.

I bought a steel cage, armed it with a bait that no rodent can refuse and set it on the roof. It was a piece of chicken skin (KFC, taken from the thigh, Original Recipe) dipped in some cheese sauce (from the cheezy wedges) and marinated for few hours in a container of leftover gravy (from the mashed potatoes). My mouth's watering as I type this...

There was a loud 'PRRRAAAPP!' slightly after 1am and I immediately knew the trap had sprung. I thought of dealing with it the next morning, but it was making such loud frantic noises trying to escape from the cage that you can hear it from downstairs. I left it outside with its final meal.

Lil' Jimmy

Problem solved? My wife still hears some sounds. Probably Jimmy's siblings. Timmy...or Tammy. I'll have to make another trip to KFC soon.

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