Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Life Lost

"Your business is about to f**king swim down the Hudson," Ramsey said to Cerniglia, while offering advice on how to turn his business around.

One must really wonder how much influence the words Gordon Ramsay bluntly said to restaurant owner Joseph Cerniglia in 2007 had on the latter's decision to take his life in that particular manner. If you've watched his shows then you will realize most of the time his lips will be moving but there will be no audio. That's because its mostly profanities.

When he was interviewed by Jeremy Clarkson on an episode of Top Gear, Jeremy brought up the topic of Gordon having received an OBE and jokingly asked if it was for services to swearing. Gordon doesn't just have colorful language but gets angry a lot and is very rude. Well no doubt this helps the show's ratings. The main reason why many people watch American Idol is because of Simon Cowell though no contestant has taken their lives yet. And thats 2 for Gordon! Well I think its because Simon looks like a buffoon anyway and no one takes him seriously.

In our line of work we meet all sorts of characters daily and this is a very timely reminder to never take anything personally no matter how much pressure we are under. The results can really be fatal.


pharmalogik said...

it is always not easy to do biz, especially to run a restaurant.

Ted said...

Thats right. Doing biz is always easier than it looks. Anyway not all ppl are cut out to be an entrepreneur.

Johnny Ong said...

its never easy being berated day in day out all the time abt how poor u are, how terrible u are, how lousy u are ..... its not abt taking things personally but no human beings can withstand it over a period of time

Ted said...

Yes you're right Johnny, its unbearable really. THere are always nasty ppl in this world and tat you cant control but what you can control is how you react to it. You can choose to ignore the comments, choose to listen to it and maybe improve or do something drastic like what this guy did. There's always a choice.