Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monochromatic Dreams

I don't think you can ever shoot with film in its full glory until you've tried shooting black and white. And I don't mean shooting in color and then converting to monochrome. I've picked up a few rolls Ilford XP2 Super 400 and immediately got hooked like flies to turd.

All pics shot with Canon EOS 5 with 50mm

Haven't touched this in quite a while

Since I was using a Canon, I also tried using my flashgun for some off camera lighting. What's scary about this is that the EOS 5 does not support E-TTL. So I have to park the flash in manual mode and guess the output. Also this is not digital... so if I get the exposure wrong, I'll only know in a couple of days time.

Fortunately it turned out alright. After I finished this shoot, I realized that I could've shot with the exact settings on my DSLR first, then apply the same settings to the film camera... but hey, where's the fun in that right?


Rommel said...


nice shots! what was ur flash power output & at what zoom?
I always try with 50-105mm zoom depends on the coverage u want for ur subject and set at 1/32 & above for none portrait.

Then I set F11 shutter 1/125 or depends on how u wanna darken the background on iso 400

Mind to share ur settings for ur shots above?

Ted said...

Hi Rommel,

Thanks! Ok since its on film, i need to try to do some guesswork. All pics were shot using the 50mm prime lens. The first two pics were shot on aperture priority, the staircase one I think shd be f4. The guitar one is wide open at f1.4.

The rest of the pics were shot in manual mode with the flash triggered remotely by ST-E2. I set the flash to somewhere between 1/16 and 1/32 power depending on the distance of the flash from the subject. The settings are around either f8 or f11 with shutter speed fixed at 1/200.

Ted said...

Oh and first two pics available lighting.

Johnny Ong said...

ok, i'm learning at the same time here

Ted said...

Hehe, you're welcome Johnny! :D