Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Been A Year

A year has passed since I've gotten married. Sharing your life with someone means a life of compromise, a need to embrace new responsibilities and shed some old habits.
One of those habits that immediately got axed was my unhealthy snacks. Within minutes of officially moving into our home after our wedding, my wife did a stock check of the supplies in the kitchen. She found some packets of instant noodles, (bought by my family members who stayed over at my place for the duration of the wedding in Kota Kinabalu) said 'Don't eat this stuff - its not good for your health' as she placed it into a black plastic bag that was destined for the dustbin.

I wouldn't say I really love to eat instant noodles. It falls under what you call the 'comfort food' category - easy satisfaction and cheap thrills. I do however like to eat my mi goreng in a very specific way.

-----Ted's Mi Goreng Special(TMGS)-----
1) Mi-Goreng - 3 packets
Indomie/Ibumie/ Mi Sedaap all ok- but not Cintan, somehow the taste doesn't go well with the third ingredient in this list.

2) Eggs - 2 of them
When the noodles are almost done, crack two eggs in and just let the egg whites cook quickly. I like to leave the yolks runny, so later when you drain the noodles, you break the yolks and let it run all over the noodles.

3) Cheese - 3 slices
Then you add the cheese slices into the still hot noodles (with the runny yolk) and let it melt thoroughly. Ohhh~ *salivating*

That's like what... 1300+ kcals there? I usually like to have the TMGS a few times a week, and mostly as supper after work late at night. This is one of the reasons why I ballooned to 85kg at one point.

Its been a year since I've last had the TMGS, but I can still remember exactly how it tastes like. While shopping for groceries last weekend on our anniversary, I did suggest we get a packet of instant noodles...for old times sake. My wife gave me a look that would have re-frozen all the polar ice caps. *shudders*
Maybe next year la...


Michele Yong said...

omg that's the fattest thing ever! 3 packets in one sitting??????

pharmalogik said...

let me guess your weight now...50kg?
eat all you want, just do some exercise to burn off the calories. Eat one set of TGMS and just go jogging for 2.5 hours. Your sweat is all worth for the taste of TGMS. lol..

Ted said...

Michele: Yes! 3! Thats the thing with all these highly processed carbs, 2 packets didnt get me the high it used to anymore. lol.

Pharmalogik: Hahah, 50 then u can call me stick man liao. Last time i measured was around 65. You're right, input must equal output!