Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Merseyside Bankers

Liverpool FC has recently unveiled their new home kit for the 2010/2011 season featuring their new shirt sponsor Standard Chartered. It is similar to the shirt won by the championship winning team in 1990 (hopefully this is not the only way they are thinking of improving the squad after a dismal season). 'Oh we wear the same we can win the league next season'... righhhttt
Over the years Liverpool FC has been synonymous with Carlsberg. Their partnership dates back to 1992 and such a tenure creates a feeling of attachment and nostalgia. I was quite disappointed when Standard Chartered were taking over from Carlsberg...until I realised how much more StanChart were going to pay.

Under the old agreement with Carlsberg, Liverpool got a paltry £7 million pounds a season. Their peers were getting:
Chelsea - £50 million for 5 years with Samsung (£10million/season)
Man Utd - £54 million for 4 years with AIG (£13.5 million/season)
Tottenham - £34 million for 4 years with Mansion House (£8.5 million/season)

Let's talk home loans and interest rates

StanChart's deal costs £80 million over 4 years, bringing in the much needed £20 million each season to the debt ridden owners. Its a lucky thing they signed this last year before Liverpool bombed in the league, heheh. I doubt they will ever get this amount if it were being negotiated now.

As for Carlsberg and all the nostalgia? Nahh... long forgotten. Cash is king.


zewt said...

tell me about it... 80m... such a waste of money :P

Ted said...

It will be a waste if the manager is still the same... lol