Monday, December 21, 2009


My tomato plants were growing up very well on its own until it started doing this.

Before Wire-gra

Normally a male will be well beyond his fifties before something like this happens. I guess in tomato years, my plant is an old man.

After doing some research and discovering that tomato plants need support, I decided to build something to help it. I also made a mistake when I sowed the seeds, shouldn't have dumped it all in one place. It may look fine now but it will hinder the growth of the plant eventually.

The tricky bit was separating them. The saplings are really fragile and flaccid. Half of them died in the transplantation.

Tomato on Wire-gra

Ta-daaa! I admit it looks hideous now but I'll do something about it once it grows more substantially.


Janvier said...

Great. DIY project for you! Beautify garden with hand-sawn wooden trellis for tomatoes to bloom.

Ted said...

Trellis huh... I like this!

I can foresee a Project Tre-alis™ coming up in the near future. Will probably last longer than the flimsy Wire-gra™