Friday, October 30, 2009

Beautiful Korea

For our (belated) honeymoon, the missus wanted to go to South Korea. When I asked a few of my friends who had been there, the general consensus was 'Its ok, so so, at least go once in your lifetime.' I wasn't expecting much when I left for Korea last week, but the tour guide said during the beginning of the trip 'Korea has more to offer than you think.' After having spent 1 week there, I agree.

Autumn leaves on Nami Island

First of all, autumn in Korea is really very beautiful. There is a 2 week window in which the leaves turn color to prepare for the coming winter and this is Korea at its best (in my opinion). I've always preferred fall/winter to spring/summer...but hey, to each his own.

Small clay figures found on Nami Island

Perhaps the one thing that has made Korea very unique is its neighbor, North Korea. The North and South are still theoretically at war with each other, held apart by a ceasefire agreement signed in 1953.

A South Korean military outpost at Imjingak

Prayers and wishes for the unification of Korea

Binoculars granting you a view into North Korea

Very enterprising Koreans.. DMZ chocolates!

A destroyer at the Gangneung Unification Park where the North Korean spies infiltrated the South

A typical street in Korea lined with ginkgo trees

You can see many of these structures in Korea, be it temples or palaces

A closeup of the roof

Our time in Korea not only taught us about the history and culture behind Korea's past, but also brought us to experience the modern and urban city life of Seoul.

At the Drawing Show, a combo of painting and performance

T-Express, the hair changing experience which is the worlds steepest 'wooden' rollercoaster

Walker-Hill Casino

Skyscrapers in Seoul

A view from my hotel room in Seoul *heheheh*

BMW police bikes

Will I return to Korea again? Definitely, but maybe after 15 years or so. If anything, this tour has made me want to go to Japan instead, because in almost all of Korea's undertakings in Asia, they are second only to Japan. To anyone who is considering going to Korea for a holiday, I highly recommend it! Or at least go to Korea before you go to Japan... those who have gone to Japan before going to Korea expressed that it was like taking a step backwards...a very small step though. With the way Korea is advancing now, it may catch up to Japan sometime later...maybe, just maybe.


Gilbert Wong said...

Very good report of the trip bro~! :)
next stop? JAPAN~!

Ted said...

Hahah thanks Gilbert! Japan need to save up lor...heard pretty pricey.