Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hillary Billary: Lost in translation

On Hillary Clinton's recent trip to Congo, a male student asked her through a translator what President Obama thought of Chinese financial contracts in Congo. The funny thing is the translator asked Hillary what Bill Clinton (her husband and former President of the US) would think.

Clinton looked surprised when she first heard the translation in the headset, and then sharply replied, "You want me to tell you what my husband thinks? My husband is not the secretary of state, I am. You ask my opinion. I will tell you my opinion; I'm not going to channel my husband."

Lots of political commentators have pounced on her remarks and have even questioned her emotional capacity to handle the job as secretary of state. In fact when she decided to run for public office, I'm sure her advisors would have told her that the biggest challenge that she has to face is to step out of Bill's enormous shadow. After all her husband had been the most powerful man in the world for 8 years... so when she the translator accidentally mentioned her husbands name, I guess she snapped.

No, I don't think she should have burst out like that, but I can understand why she did...

Kim Jong-il: Your wife asked me to kidnap you in place of the other two girls

And he returned him... kesian you Hillary.

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Johnny Ong said...

LOL, like the way u put it in the end