Monday, February 2, 2009

Pang Sai Chua

How were your Chinese New Year break everybody? Heheh... I hope you all had a great time (With lots of food too) cos I definitely did. I found these Zimbabwe dollars when I was going through some of my old stuff last week...

Thats $4 Zimbabwe Dollars there. As of today, the rate on the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe's website listed the currency value at:


Interbank Exchange Rate
ZWD 7 039 188 034.00 per US$1

USD$1.00 = Z$ 7,039,188,034.00!!! Holy Cow! That means the toilet paper I used last night is even worth more than these 2 sheets???


pharmalogik said...

haha...keep the pang sai may worth zero infinity someday. U can try to use it next time u go Zimbabwe, locals will have a good laugh.

Ted said...

You think if i use my pang sai chua to buy things in Zimbabwe they will accept?

ws pang said...

haha, may be that's why people in zimbabwe dun use pang sai chua, they use their notes for big business. ha ha ha ha ha.

Ted said...

Its still dropping some more =.='''


Interbank Exchange Rate
ZWD 12 336 416 667.00 per US$1

Johnny Ong said...

its a tragedy in zimbabwe right now