Monday, November 17, 2008

SLAP like Louis

Last Saturday I took some time out to attend the 'Shoot Like a Pro' (SLAP) workshop conducted by Louis Pang in Kota Kinabalu. Met lots of great people, learnt a lot of new things and was inspired.

Louis explaining the details of a shot he had taken earlier

Behind the scenes

The model of the day, Hong Yi (sp?)

Sorry for the unflattering angle Melvin...

I didn't manage to get many shots during the outings that we went on (fighting for space with 24 other people is not easy, lol) but I did manage to take some pointers from Louis. Specifically
1) I will shoot in JPEG and get the shot right on camera (already have too many raw files on my HDD)
2) You don't need to have 5 star locations to get good pictures.
3) If a shot is not working, don't be afraid to move on.

Though its only a one day workshop, I highly recommend this workshop for people who want to take their photography to another level. It has certainly helped me lots.


pharmalogik said...

yo, no exif file how to learn?

Ted said...

Exifs are on the picture first then u can see the exif.

ws pang said...

i'm waiting to join
SLAP by TED, hahaha.

Ted said...

Heheh, next mth wspang...