Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Cure for Acne

I know that doesn't sound like an interesting title...but don't click away just yet. This will be an interesting me.

PHNOM PENH - A CONDOM lubricant designed for sex workers and gay men has become a popular acne cure among female Cambodians, women in the capital and local media said on Thursday.

(I told you its interesting...)

Number One Plus, a water-based lubricant produced by health organisation Population Services International (PSI), is an excellent cure for acne, 29-year-old vendor Tep Kemyoeurn told AFP.

'After I used it for three days, all of my acne dried up and went away,' she said. 'Many people believe in it,' she added.

Khen Vanny, 29, from Phnom Penh, told AFP that women of all ages have taken to using the lubricant to get rid of spots.

'It is very effective. Some people don't believe in it but people who do really get a good result,' she said, adding: 'My youngest sister and my aunt use it too.'

Another woman told Khmer-language Kampuchea Thmey newspaper that she had used many kinds of medicine to treat acne but none had worked.

'After that my friends, who work at garment factories in Phnom Penh, advised me to apply the lubricant from Number One Plus condoms on my face every night,' she told the paper.

'And just within three to four nights, the acne on my face gradually and then totally disappeared,' she added.

A vendor near a factory in the coastal city of Sihanoukville told the newspaper that she sold packets of Number One Plus lubricant for 500 riels (17 Singapore cents) to many women every day.

The paper urged experts to conduct research about the phenomenon.

PSI were not immediately available for comment on the apparent cosmetic benefits of their product. -- AFP -(LINK)


There's something I like to know...who was the first person that looked at the lubricant and said 'Hmm...lets put some on my face and see.' Er... wait..maybe I think I know how it got there...


Johnny Ong said...

we have to look for some guinea pigs in m'sia to prove it right

Janvier said...

Wahliao. Go import! Think about it, that means the lube is acidic, hey?

Ted said...

Johnny: Well I'm sure we won't be short of volunteers here :p

Janvier: Regulatory is your cup of tea isn't that right? Go import some!Acidic...hmm, well some of the facial cleansers and such are acidic as well. What's next? Suppositories being used as breathmints?

ws pang said...

repack and sell it. haha

Anonymous said...

i dare try but i got no acne oni red spot nia

Ted said...

WSPang: So you wan to distribute in East M'sia? Heheh

Anonymous: Maybe it works on red spots too?