Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kelapa Bakar

Since WS Pang was in town recently and during the Wesak holidays, we took him and his wife out to try some kelapa bakar. We got there thanks to directions from our friend Roger.
Hmm...sorry for the blown background. Heheh

The coconuts are 'cooked' in a metal drum for around 30-45 minutes...looks disgusting

Ready to drink.

This batch will be made into coconut jelly. They will pour the agar agar inside and cool it.

Lokan. Some kind of shell thing.

Lokan panggang.

And the finished product. Ginger is added into it and it is served with a lime+chili dip.

At the end of it all, it was probably a mistake to drink kelapa bakar at 2pm on a very sunny afternoon. We were the only ones around who probably ordered the kelapa bakar at that time. Anyway, some things are worth trying at least once.


Johnny Ong said...

wat type of clams is that?

Ted said...

You've got me there, i've absolutely no idea. lol...we were just told it was LOKAN.

Janvier said...

What's kelapa bakar all about? :S

Ted said...

You know janvier...we suspected that it was due to chance that some fool left the coconut too near the fire and it fell in...then they probably thought it was worth trying to make money out of it...

I may be wrong :P

ws pang said...

yo TED,
Thanks for bringing us there.
haha.. nice series of pictures.

beyond said...

What s wrong with kelapa bakar at 2 pm?

Ted said...

WSPang - No problem! Next time we go find A.

Beyond - The kelapa bakar is hot! As in boiling hot...imagine sitting by the roadside at 2pm drinking milo panas.

ws pang said...

then u should come sabah liao

Pirut said...

Nice picture Ted! somebody said that kelapa bakar is a medication for some seriously disease.. :)

Ted said...

Thanks Pirut! Well, it may or may not be true :) but what's to stop you from enjoying a coconut drink right.