Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fresh Breath

The next time you go to buy toothpaste, look at the choices available to you. What do you see?


That's right - Icy Mint, Cool Mint, Fresh Mint, Whatever Mint...Who decided that mint should be the gold standard for fresh breath? And this is not limited to toothpaste but includes breath sprays and sweets.

Yea, we all have to make do with mint. Not cats though...

Pitr Pat Breath Freshener for Cats
Fun fish shaped liver flavored breath fresheners for your favorite feline friend.

Pets are too spoilt these days.


Garfield said... is u who stole my mints...

Ted said...

I wonder how Miao-kut teh tastes like...

C'mere kitty kitty

ws pang said...

taste exactly like bah kut teh, just too skinny. not much meat.


Ted said...

You see....crab also not much meat, still ppl pay so much to eat oh.