Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Case 1

A chaffeur-driven man was let out in front of a pharmacy and he walks right in. With a gold Lolex on his wrist and clad in designer labels, he immediately makes an impression.

Man: Ooi! Got any gastric medicine? I wan Pah-wer one ok!

Pharmacist: Got...RM0.20 per tab. How many do you want?

Man: Huh...so expensive meh, normally I buy a lot one. How much 1 box?

Pharmacist: One box 100 tabs, so after discount RM18/box for you.

Man: I take 5 box you give me RM16/box. Normally I buy that price from the Ang Soon Sing Pharmacy across the street there...If you don't give me this price, then I'll go there.

Ubat Gastrik (Gastric Medicine) Pah-Wer Cap Hantu...Cost RM15/box and RSP is RM20. Hmm...the pharmacist takes out his calculator. "Profit margin of only 6 percent plus...anyway since he's taking such a big quantity...and today sales not so good..."

Pharmacist: Ok. No problem.

Man walks out victorious, the pharmacist has made a RM5 profit from the transaction, but better than nothing he figures.

Case 2

A construction worker from a nearby construction site walks in...

CW: Hey boss...got Pah-Wer gastric med?

Pharmacist: Got. RM0.20/tab. Normally take two tab a day one...

CW: I only have RM0.20...never mind give me one tablet only lar. Belum dapat gaji.

Pharmacist: Hmm...ok (Considers giving a discount, but since he's only making a 5 cent profit...decides against it).


Those who can afford to pay have the option not to pay. Those who can't have no option but to pay.

Life is unfair.


Clement Lee said...

a very true situation that we face all around.

ws pang said...

Lifes go on....

Michele said...

That's why we have entrepreneurs who always take advantage of the situation.

...they buy in bulk!

Ted said...

...they buy in bulk!

That's true Michele, lets say I buy bulk and cost becomes RM13/box. I'll make more money from the rich fella...but I'll still find it hard to give discount to the other fella when you only make RM0.07 per transaction...lol. Have to think about paying the rental, staff salary, electricity, etc...

pharmalogik said...

hey, this cap pah-wer cannot sell in malaysia lar...not registered. curi curi jual kar?

HAHA...i like your picture so much...CAP HANTU...hahaha

Ted said...

Wei Wei...got legister one leh fren! Supplied by Zoolig Farmer...Don pray pray. U wan o not?