Friday, August 3, 2007

Product Shoot

Recently, I've been thinking how to utilise my external flash. I've also been reading up a lot on lighting, so naturally a product shoot is in order (I've stopped long exposure shots with lighters and torchlights for the time being too coz my neighbors behind me are staring at my room - probably wondering what I'm doing ...)

This is the product shot in plain ambient lighting. Nothing too impressive.
The black cloth is actually one of my black t shirts placed on a chair.
As you can see from this shot, I switched off the lights in the room and used two sources of light. One from my external flash and the other from a torchlight lit from behind. I kind of like this shot but the wrinkles on the cloth are a bit distracting and the subject doesn't look round on the left side.
So I opted for the flashlight to be at 45 degrees to the left, changed the position of the subject and this is the final result. Its actually amazing how subtle changes in lighting can give a very drastic change to the picture. More to come...

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