Wednesday, July 11, 2007

580 EX II Speedlite

Just got the 580 EX II external speedlite. It is supposed to be the improved version of its predecessor the 580EX.

View from the front


The back

The bounce card and the wide angle card
It does look magnificent. So i had to put it to test in my studio.

This shot was taken without any flash.

This shot was taken with the built in flash. As you can see the lighting is very harsh on the subject (the bottles) and quite dark behind. This is often the results of Point and Shoot cameras where the user does not really have control of the flash and you have your subject very harshly lit and the background very dark.

This shot was taken with the flash bounced off the ceiling. As you can see it has a more natural feel to it. Actually the results may not be so obvious here but if you have human subjects then the difference will be significant.

Here's a pic with the whole family.

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